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When in Makati: First Trip to the Dentist

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Tooth problems are a bummer, and it’s not exactly easy to choose a dentist that you’d book an appointment with for the first time. And when you’re in Makati looking for a dental clinic, you’ll be sure to find Makati as a dense, urban jungle. It is known to be Metro Manila’s Central Business District and also famous for its multicultural lifestyle. As such, there are a lot of clinics in Makati and dentists are also plentiful. That’s why it might take a while to pin down which one is good for you.

It’s quite often that people shrug the idea of visiting the Dentist, and a patient will definitely look for qualities in a dentist that would make them feel at ease.

What people usually look for are these:

A Good Reputation

Either by word-of-mouth or online reviews, a dentist that has a good reputation will remove some worries or leave good expectations, you can research their services, education, look for positive and negative feedback. You’ll be able to do that on sites such as Facebook or Yelp which has plenty of reviews if you’re looking for a dental clinic around Makati.


Sense of Humor

As a patient, it’s not that comforting to know that your dentist can’t even crack a joke or two. Finding a dentist that has a good sense of humor will help you release the tension and is helpful for first timers.



Dentists should have great hygiene practices not only on themselves but also in the workplace and even down to the tools. This also reflects on the clinic’s appearance.


Saint-like Patience

Some dental procedures can be stressful for patients and may often require a few breaks especially if the pain becomes unbearable. Your dentist mustn’t be in a hurry to finish the procedure just because there are other patients. But as the patient, you also need to co-operate with your dentist for a smooth operation.


Gentle Hands

Patients fear pain. That’s actually the reason why kids and first-timers hate the dentist. Gentle hands mean less pain and that’s a bonus when looking for a dentist. Pain is a relative matter though so check out other patients’ testimonies.



All of the qualities mentioned above will be for nothing if the dentist isn’t skilled at all. Skills make for lasting impressions that will make or break your decision to visit the dentist again. Watch out for reviews to find out how skilled the dentist is.


What You Should Look For Next

Finding a dentist that you like is one thing; however, it should also be convenient for you. Makati is huge and what you need to do next is find a clinic that’s convenient to visit, while having a dentist that has all the qualities mentioned above.

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