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Surviving in a Jungle, JEST Camp Style

Imagine a sixteen-year-old teenage girl forced to stay inside the wilderness. She has to survive thru extreme weather conditions, wild animals, hunger, and thirst. These are only the normal circumstances. The true challenge is to stay alive, meaning you have to stay hidden at all times or destroy your enemies at all costs. The enemies are your fellow tributes, twenty-three teenage boys and girls forced to suffer the same fate. They need to kill each other in order to emerge the victor or the winner of the game, known as the Hunger Games.

Thankfully, this universe only exists inside three places: the book, the big screen, and the author’s awesome imagination. If this is set in a real situation, it will be gruesome and will eventually lead to annihilation of humanity.

Downplaying it a bit, being stuck in a jungle or forest can happen to all of us. It is like there is a chance we could drown while swimming unless we can swim. Learning some jungle survival techniques is not bad and you will find it useful in almost mundane situations. In the movie Hunger Games, the protagonist showed exceptional skills to survive in the arena or the jungle just to stay alive. It would be cool if you could have such abilities using any resources around you when tricky situation arises.

It is not rare nowadays that there are facilities in the Philippines specializing in such programs. In our country, the Jungle-Environment Survival Training (J.E.S.T.) Camp at Subic Bay Freeport Zone in Zambales can “actually” teach you how to survive in the jungle. They offer the toughest and most comprehensive training program in the Philippines right at the heart of the jungles of Subic.

By the end of the 3-day course of their Survival Bootcamp you will be a given a Jungle Survival Advanced Certificate of Training and recognized as a Certified Jungle Survival Instructor. To achieve this title expect to undergo various strenuous and complex activities. This kind of training is not for those who have a weak stamina and faint heart.

In real life, a Katniss-like adventure is quite impossible to happen (thank the Heavens) but attaining some jungle survival techniques will benefit you in the future. It will sharpen your mind and bring out the ingenuity in you. Do you have the necessary skills to survive in an island or a jungle in case you accidentally got lost? None yet? As Effie Trinket says, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

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  1. This will help a lot of travelers specially to those who love camp style travel. Personally, I love leisure destinations, but sometimes I do camping especially on summer times.

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