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Essential Tips When Sailing with Kids

Sailing is not just a fun experience but also a great learning opportunity for kids. They get to learn about the sea, nature, and even becoming responsible crews of your boat. If you’re planning to take your little ones on a tour around the Philippines aboard your motorboat, you have to be ready, though, as kids are quite a handful both on land and at sea. But don’t worry because we listed down some tips that should come in handy when sailing with kids.

  • Safety first: ensure your kids wear lifejackets before sailing. Make sure they all have the right fit that is appropriate to their size and weight.
  • Install railing safety nets for added security measure.
  • Don’t forget to give a short safety briefing, and that they understand each rule while onboard.
  • Keep a watchful eye but don’t let it take out the fun. Children are naturally curious; they’d want to explore every corner of the boat especially if you tell them not to go there. Make sure you show them around pre-sailing.
  • Pack appropriate clothing. The weather in the Philippines is generally hot and humid so breathable clothes will make your kids comfortable aboard the motorboat.
  • Bring enough snacks to last a trip. Sailing makes your crew hungry every time, so keep the galley stocked with filling treats.
  • Keep hydrated. Being onboard can quickly dehydrate anyone, especially kids, so ensure everyone drinks enough water. It also pays to bring refreshments like tasty popsicles.
  • Get your medicine kit in check, especially if your kid needs any special medicine. If your kid has allergies, let everybody onboard know. Also, be sure to have seasickness remedies as well as insect repellent.
  • Protect your kids from the sun. Apply sunblock 30 minutes before going out and wear protective gears like brimming hats and sunglasses.
  • There are moments when kids have to take a break from boat responsibilities, and even swimming. Keep them entertained with coloring books, cards, and board games as sailing is a great way to get back to the basics and leave their devices at shore.

While safety is a priority, don’t let worrying ruin a perfectly good adventure with your kids. Just enjoy the moment while keeping an eye on your kids. Be sure to take note all of these and let your kids get most out of the experience of exploring the waters of the Philippines aboard your motorboat.

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