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Easy Home Hacks: 4 Tricks for Painting Your Walls


When you choose to buy a finished house and lot for sale within a community in Pampanga, chances are you might have a lot of questions on how you could make interior adjustments to your house that reflects your personal style It may seem tedious at first but when you learn to look at what is available, you can make your home a better place for you and your family. Home decoration is neither about buying the most expensive set of furniture nor spending a lot of money on decors and aesthetics. You just need to let your creativity do the magic.

So, what are you waiting for? Get up and make the most out of your home’s corners with this easy home decoration projects. Let’s start with your walls.


Old laundry basket trick

This trick is perfect if you want to make a simple yet creative wall painting. Just paint your whole wall plain and simple with one color. Let it dry. After this, carefully tape the pre-cut portion of your old laundry basket onto you wall. Paint the holes of the old laundry basket with your desired color. Once dry, peel of the tape and there you have it—you have your polka dot walls.

Old laundry basket trick


Go tape crazy

Using painter’s tape, make your desired patterns. Once done, paint the wall with your desired color. Wait until the paint is dry and peel off the tape. To achieve your desired result, make sure that the colors complement each other. Check this out for some help in choosing colors for your home.

Go tape crazy


Ombre walls

Who said that ombre only plays well with hair colors? Ombre your wall as well! For this trick, you will need three shades of the same palate of paint—light shade, medium shade, and dark shade. Paint your wall with the lightest shade first. When the base paint is dry, divide your wall into 3 sections. The topmost layer would be the lightest shade, the middle one is the medium shade and the bottom part would be the darkest one. To achieve the best results, pay attention to your blending. This could be tiring and repetitive but once done, this would surely be pleasant to the eyes; perfect for a guest room.

ombre walls


Textured wall with grass broom

This simple trick can give your wall a dramatic texture. You just need to paint your wall with your desired color, and then using the grass broom, brush the paint gently to get the desired texture.

The walls surrounding and dividing the parts of your home are but important accent parts that signify your mood and character. You are the one who chooses the color and technique to be used. May it be simple or an intricate design, how your wall looks like reflects your style, effort and creativity. However, aside from walls there are other home decorations you can do to make your home the best version you want. Watch out for more easy and creative house modification projects!

Textured wall with grass broom



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