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Should Filipinos Use a Migration Agent to Immigrate to Australia?

Did you know? It was reported by The Guardian (Article: The changing shape of Australia’s immigration policy, Top 10 countries of origin for permanent migrants to Australia.) that there were over 12.2k Filipinos living in Australia permanently since 2017.There are plenty of reasons why Filipinos move to Australia. It could be a fondness for Australia,…

5 Truths Behind Balikbayan Boxes

5 Truths Behind Balikbayan Boxes

Every time your nanay or tatay working in Dubai sends you a balikbayan box, you probably get excited about unboxing it hoping to find some new branded shirts or a pair of imported shoes. But have you ever wondered how that box arrived at the doorsteps of your home? Unbeknownst to many, a balikbayan box…

Zika Virus: A Modern Day Epidemic

Disease outbreak is not something that we haven’t heard about before. In the history of mankind, there have been several instances wherein the world has been threatened with wide-scale disease outbreaks. To name a few, there was the Smallpox Epidemic in 1633, the Yellow Fever Outbreak in 1793, the Asian Flu Pandemic in 1957, and…