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Best Dive Destinations in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is home to the best dive destinations in the world. From coral gardens to barrier reefs to underwater wrecks, the place offers an aquatic paradise for new and expert divers alike. PNG is teeming with marine biodiversity that it is said to rival that of the Caribbean and twice as many as the Red Sea’s.

With PNG’s dive destinations nicely spread out, it is most likely that you’ll enjoy exploring the area just for yourself. These dive sites also hardly have human contact, with each dive resort in the different provinces having a mutual agreement to protect their turf.

PNG has indeed got the best dive destinations the world has to offer. If you want to experience PNG yourself, here are some of our favorite dive destinations you can check out in the region.


Albatross Passage, Kavieng, New Ireland

This narrow passage is the signature dive site of Kavieng, connecting mainland New Ireland and New Hanover. This dive site teems with marine life such as big eye trevally, mackerel, barracudas, reef sharks, rays and tunas, among others. The passage wall alone is covered with black coral trees, hard and soft corals, sponges and huge gorgonian fans. An incoming tide makes the visibility in Albatross Passage at around 30m, the best time to dive and explore the area.


Coral Gardens, Milne Bay, New Guinea

Coral Gardens offers a panoramic underwater collection of vibrant corals that is almost surreal to look at. Witness a school of reef fish dance gracefully around hard corals of every shape and size, as well as manta rays, hammerheads and whale sharks passing by this beautiful aquatic garden.


P38 Lightning, Milne Bay, New Guinea

P38 Lightning, Milne Bay, New Guinea
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This World War II wreckage of a single seater fighter plane may be undiscovered for more than 50 years. However, it is now one of the best dive destinations attracting tourists to visit Milne Bay. The aircraft remained intact as it sits in 27m of the water, except for the propellers that broke off. The said parts were later recovered and placed near the wreck.


Suzie’s Bommie, Port Moresby, New Guinea

This barrier reef rising from about 30m of depth to within 12m below the surface is home to invertebrates such as the pygmy seahorses. These marine critters serve as the main attraction for Suzie’s Bommie, enticing macro photographers to take a plunge in this site. Aside from pygmy seahorses, the place is also home to smaller creatures such as flatworms and nudibranchs.


Vanessa’s Reef, Kimbe Bay, New Britain

Vanessa’s Reef, Kimbe Bay, New Britain
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This bowl-shaped reef situated in the Kimbe Bay boasts of many sea whips, coral gardens, barrel sponges, and above all, the giant sea fans which create a natural “amphitheater”. If this is not enough, then get captivated by a school of rainbow runners and jacks paint the ocean water with vibrant mixture of colors, making Vanessa’s Reef a worthy site to be called one of the best dive destinations in PNG.


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