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Acne Treatment Basics

One thing is for sure, you can buy acne treatments anywhere. The problem is choosing the product that works and the effect lasts longer. Similar to losing weight, there are no shortcuts and instant solutions. Sometimes it takes time, maybe months or years before finding the right treatment and seeing the results. The most frustrating part is you will probably have to try what the entire market offers. Hoping that once you tried treatment A, you don’t have to reach letter Z.

Not all skins are equal. One of the factors to consider in the case of acne treatments is the type of the skin. Is your skin oily, dry, dehydrated, sensitive, or a combination of two? Then you have to worry about two things now, an acne removal that is perfect for your skin type. For example, avoid comedogenic acne-removal products if you have an oily skin. Check also the ingredients of the product. Labels such as “for sensitive skin” or “100% acne-free” could be deceiving.

We have also the internal struggle whether to choose chemical-based or all-natural acne treatments. If all else fails, you have to resort going under the knife, under the scalpel or lying in the operating table, whichever term you fancy. In short, the last and only solution might be a cosmetic surgery administered by a certified surgeon, of course. Yet, we are not new of the horrors of an operation gone wrong. The internet has an archive of patients with deformed noses, shrinking cheeks, breathing difficulties, and other nightmarish results.

Even so, as long as there is hope, new products, new technologies sprouting left and right, people won’t stop removing the ugly dots on their faces. They don’t care if you’ll get a sun burnt look after an intense chemical peel session just to scrape acne scars. Dermabrasion that doesn’t only remove acne scars, but results into a wrinkle-free youthful skin as well. Let us not forget the magic of different forms of laser therapy such as blue light, infrared light, Photopnuematic therapy, and Photodynamic therapy.

Achieving a blemish-free, radiant and smooth skin requires a lot of patience, money, and time. Conducting also a comprehensive study and research about the treatment pays off, immensely. There were many instances that patients turn into victims because of their ignorance or naivety. What went wrong? They were unaware of the pros and cons of the treatment they’ve been through.

This will never happen if there is an existing beauty regimen from the start such as washing your face in the morning and before you go to sleep. However, due to our busy and demanding schedule, the last thing in our minds would be a thorough cleansing of our faces or swab of moisturizer. We shouldn’t be lenient, though, as it could cost us dearly.

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