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9 Museums and Historical Sites You Must Visit in Intramorus

The ‘Walled City’ is one of the most historical place in the country because it has stood the test of time. From the pre-colonization eras up to the present, Intramuros has proven that its esteemed wall is one of the most historical spots in the Philippines. Aside from overflowing with ancient places, there are condos near Intramuros worthy of a life among some Philippine History’s finest.  But first, here are 9 historical and entertaining museums and historical locations you must visit in Manila’s oldest district:

Light and Sound Museum


The Light and Sound Museum features the era when the Philippines was under the Spanish rule.  The fun thing about this particular museum is the use of audio-visual effects and animatronics to retell the life story of Jose Rizal up to his execution.

Casa Manila


The Victorian-isnpired casa served as the home of the Ilustrados during the 17th and 18th century. The structure’s sturdiness is attributed to its wooden and stone materials. The house-turned-museum preserves the well-to-do Spanish influence on the Filipinos thru its antique relics and Baroque architecture. Though this infrastructure is near condos in Intramuros, some tourists still opt for a day in the classic residential house.

Bahay Tsinoy



The Spaniards aren’t the only foreigners who left a huge influence on the Filipinos. The Chinese also embedded certain imprints on us and these are made known at the Filipino-Chinese museum called Bahay Tsinoy. It features the unique blend of our two societies being one.

Rizal Shrine Museum



The struggles and valor of our national hero are venerated in the Rizal Shrine Museum. The building contains Jose Rizal’s prison cell and it was where he spent his last night before being executed.  The structure was destroyed during the Second World War but was reconstructed in 1953 and became a museum. It contains Rizal’s manuscripts and artworks.

Baluarte de San Diego


The bastion was constructed during the 16th century and was built to protect the walls of Intramuros from invasion. The baluarte was destroyed in 1945 during the Battle of Manila but it was reconstructed and now it’s one of the most loved tourist attractions in Manila.

Silahis Center


The museum-souvenir shop produces retail products that reflect the nation’s multifaceted heritage. It is an emporium of Philippine arts, crafts and culture. Silahis Center showcases not only the ornaments but also the way of living of Filipinos from various eras.

San Agustin Church Museum


This notable church was built during the 15th century. It suffered from two fires but was later reconstructed. The church also survived through several man-made and natural catastrophes but it stood strong. The sturdy and elegant museum houses ancient religious art pieces which makes it the perfect reflection of heritage, history and arts.

Rizaliana Furniture Exhibit

(Flickr / Jum Vencilao)

Imagine a firsthand encounter with our national hero’s personal belongings. It sounds exciting doesn’t it? The exhibit presents Jose Rizal’s clothes, his family’s furniture and copies of his renowned literature masterpieces—Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

Bonsai Museum and Library


Within the walls of Baluarte de San Diego is a confined garden full of bonsai trees and endangered plant species. Another thing that makes the garden stand out is the fact that it exists in the middle of the city. The museum-slash-garden proves to be a great blend of nature and history.

Although the city is full of old places and heritage sites, there are also condos near Intramuros that you may be unaware of. The beauty of living and travelling in a historic and at the same time contemporary metropolis, such as Intramuros, is that it’s the perfect mix of old and new.

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